Useful Websites for Parents and students

Useful Websites For Children
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For Parents a list of independent websites you may wish to explore to support your child’s learning, collated by the Qld Department of Ed.    A list of links to reading activities for specific purposes.

Literacy and Numeracy  has a variety of reading and maths activities for all ages. Requires payment for full usage but offers a free trial. has a variety of maths and literacy activities. Free. has maths, reading, grammar and logic games for all ages. Free. has a variety of maths, reading and other games. Free. Australian curriculum based. Free basic access with paid option for additional content.

Numeracy  Covers all levels to Year 12, Australian Curriculum based. Monthly fee. A variety of maths games aimed at beginners. A paid site. Systematically explains and drills all areas and levels. Australian Curriculum based.   A variety of online games. Free.